Welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda and I’m a twenty-something navigating through life as a wife and information hoarder.

My husband David and I met when we were teens. Our story is an interesting one (at least I think so), but I’ll save that story for a rainy day. We got engaged on July 2 in 2008, spending one year in a long-distance relationship as I started university and he finished his first of three degrees. We got married in May 2009 after a hard year apart.

In 2012 we moved to Ontario from Newfoundland so he could work towards his PhD in History. While David spends his days reading, researching, writing and teaching (seriously, he almost never stops), I managed to get a job at a public library and I love it! It suits my love of books and all things information. I also get to work with children, seniors and everyone in between. It’s hugely rewarding and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I’ll admit, it was a bumpy road moving to the big city for these small-town folks, but we’re getting the hang of it! I enjoy a number of things, including writing, reading, cooking, knitting and crocheting. But, I also love a good adventure (always organized and planned in advance) and we both enjoy traveling.


On a ship at the Bataviawerf in Lelystad in the Netherlands.


At the border between Austria and Slovenia. We walked across the border into Slovenia from Austria for a drink!

The year 2015 will be an exciting one! We’re traveling to Europe for four months! We’ll spend two months in Paris, and two months in The Hague, starting in May. David needs to conduct research for his PhD, and obviously I’m going to come along for the ride!

I started this blog in January 2014, thinking to start off the year with something new and exciting. So here I am, dipping my toes in the waters of the blogging world. Consider this an official invitation to join me for what I hope is a wonderful ride!









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