Farms & Forks Review

Recently I’ve been trying out different grocery stores in an effort to eat healthier and save money. I’ve tried Loblaws, No Frills, Food Basics, and Freshco. My regular grocery day is Tuesday, and every single time I shopped at one of these stores, at least one food item (usually meat or tomatoes) went rotten in less than 24 hours. I put a pack of chicken legs in the fridge FOR THE NEXT DAY and they were gone rancid before I could cook them. In one day. Seriously frustrating. Especially when the food that hasn’t gone bad doesn’t look that appetizing to begin with (which is always the case with tomatoes).

David and I shopped at Loblaws a couple of times. The last time was particularly bad (we haven’t gone back since!). We wanted to pick up a few fresh food items – bread, broccoli, tomatoes, bananas and some meat. We didn’t make it past the broccoli. I picked up one head of broccoli and the entire underside of the broccoli was slimy and really stank. I was so disgusted we didn’t buy anything and drove to a nearby Longos (the only grocery store I’ll actually buy anything at now) to pick up our few groceries.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends from church recommended Farms & Forks. I also heard about it on my workplace’s intranet page and decided to give them a try.

There’s a great selection of food online and it was a lot of fun to sit on the couch and pick out my groceries! I was a little dismayed at the prices, but for organic local food, and after reading their food criteria, this is simply the price you pay for organic and higher quality food anywhere. It makes me a little sad that good food costs so much more money, but I was ready to try something a little different!

Our first food delivery was a bit rocky. Despite my instructions, our food box was delivered to our landlords who promptly dug into the food. They told David later that they thought it was a promotion. Oh the joys of living in a basement apartment!

I personally think any rational person with tenants living downstairs would look at the box first and see if there’s a name, so I didn’t blame Farms & Forks entirely, but obviously it wouldn’t have happened had the instructions been followed.

I wrote to the Farms & Forks team, and they replied with sincere apologies, spoke to the driver to find out what happened (there was a plow coming by and he was in a rush to get out of the way), and reimbursed me for the food that had been eaten. They later gave me a call as a follow-up to our e-mail exchange to see if there was anything else they could do. That’s good customer service!

So, after all that, I decided to give it another shot. And yesterday was my second food delivery! The driver was extremely apologetic and arrived promptly during the delivery time hours. He came right to the back and delivered a Christmas card to us in addition to our grocery box. Who knew groceries could be so exciting!

All the food is packaged in a sturdy box, which they then collect at your next delivery. And the food looked (and tasted!) glorious!


For this food delivery I ordered a container of baby spring mix & spinach, broccoli, 2 lbs of grapes, 2 lbs of clementines, 1 lb of bananas, 2 lbs of sweet potatoes, 2 lbs of yellow potatoes, 2 yellow onions, 3 pears and a loaf of bread! I had ordered meat and milk with my last order, but didn’t need to purchase any this time around.


I love food pictures.


The food looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. I am super pleased! I must admit, there is actually a noticeable difference in taste with the bananas. While I wouldn’t say the bananas at the grocery store taste bad, the organic bananas delivered by Farms & Forks were creamier and sweeter.

While I don’t think Farms & Forks will be my sole grocery provider (I’ve started buying several items from Longos), I can definitely see purchasing produce boxes regularly from them, and I really like how their meat is packaged. It’s already vacuum-sealed for the freezer!

It’s also a solid choice if you’re looking to get some groceries on a busy schedule, or want to stay holed up during the cold winter months. It’s always worth trying if you, like me, are a little exasperated by the big grocery stores.

And my philosophy is, if there’s anything worth spending your money on, it’s good food!


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