Mockingjay & D-BOX

David and I went to go see Mockingjay Part I in theatres on Monday. We also decided to see it in D-BOX, which was pretty exciting!

Mockingjay Part I


First of all, the movie itself was, like Eli Glasner said in his review, the best so far. Jennifer Lawrence definitely carried the film. For those who have read the books, I don’t know about you, but I find the movies do a better job of characterizing a flawed and psychologically traumatized character than the books. Katniss always seemed whiny, spoiled, and narcissistic in the books.

The adaption was very close to the book, and the action sequences were thrilling and engaging. I must say that the ending didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I do think that, considering they decided to create two movies out of one book, Part I ended at a good point in the story. I would agree that the book could’ve been made into only one movie, but I was pleased with what they chose to include in this first movie nonetheless. I suppose part of the reason I am rating Mockingjay Part I so well is because it was not obviously lacking in material like The Hobbit, which clearly should never have been made into three movies. Of all the films I’ve seen broken into two parts, I felt Mockingjay Part I was one of the better ones.

While I thought that Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal was fantastic, the other characters were a little flat. I never liked Gale, but Liam Hemsworth’s portrayal was especially flat this time around. And, while it was nice to see Philip Seymour Hoffman, and I enjoyed Julianne Moore’s portrayal of President Coin, there’s no emotion, and not a lot of complexity.

Hoffman, Moore

The only character that really gets much attention is Katniss, which is certainly understandable, but if you’re breaking the book into two movies, you have the time to focus a little more on other characters. I remember in the books Finnick was my favourite character, but he gets little attention in the movies.

On a final note, only Natalie Dormer can make this hair style look badass and sexy at the same time.


A solid 4/5 film!



David and I really enjoyed watching Mockingjay Part I in D-BOX. It was especially exhilarating whenever there was a scene with an aircraft maneuvering through the skies – the chair would move as the aircraft moved and it really helped create an immersive movie-viewing experience! My favourite D-BOX scene was when a large stone tower collapsed and crashed through a building in District 8. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair from anxiety and the chair’s replication of the action was pretty phenomenal.

Not to mention, the seats themselves are wonderfully comfortable.


While I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra cash for D-BOX unless you’re watching an action-adventure movie, if you use SCENE points, like David and I do, you can purchase D-BOX seats as you would any other seats with your points!

Finally, I should state that, while our experience was overall very good, there was about 20 minutes of the movie that the chairs were not functioning. I had to bring this to the attention of the theatre attendants, which did cause me to miss about 3 minutes of the movie, but they fixed the problem fairly quickly and gave us free tickets to see another movie. The issue was handled quickly and I was not expecting the free tickets!

I’d rate our D-BOX experience a 4.5/5. It would’ve been a 5/5 had there not been a mechanical/technical error during the movie!


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