It’s been a while…

Hello friends,

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since my last post from September I’ve flown to Halifax, Nova Scotia and then drove from there to Charlottetown, PEI for Thanksgiving, applied for two jobs at the library (one a promotion and another a 6-month contract), enjoyed some great PEI wine, more wine, taken some Autumn pictures with friends, and… began planning a 4-month adventure to Europe!

First, a long-belated report of our Newfoundland trip, consisting primarily of pictures.

We started in Deer Lake, spending a week in Pasadena & Corner Brook before driving to St. John’s.

While in St. John’s, I got to attend my best friend’s wedding! Bethany looked beautiful. I recall watching her get her hair styled and I felt like I was watching my younger sister get ready for her wedding day. Can’t believe we’re all grown up, Beth!

Bethany getting ready


The next day David and I finally met up with our friends from Austria (they flew to Newfoundland so we could road trip together!). First stop together – Ferryland for a picnic.


???????????????????????????????Next stop: Laurenceton, where David’s family owns a cabin. We had a great time there, great food, great company, and no internet or phone. It was truly relaxing! There were friendly horses, rock skipping, visits to the public well, and great views.





When we got back to Pasadena, we spent one day there before starting the long trek to St. Anthony and L’Anse aux Meadows. We stopped in Woody Point on the way, explored the Tablelands in Gros Morne, and spent the night in Rocky Harbour before we continued to St. Lumiere-Griquet.



Tablelands in Gros Morne.


Visiting L’Anse aux Meadows, found on the northern-most tip of Newfoundland!

Elisabeth and me :). In the L’Anse aux Meadows reconstruction site, we hopped in one of the wheelbarrows!


Rawr! Also in L’Anse aux Meadows.



We went for an evening walk in Straitsview, Newfoundland.

We then drove back to Pasadena for the last few days in Newfoundland, which included a trip to Corner Brook to visit my parents, more great food, a sunset on Pasadena beach, blueberry picking and a walk through David’s parents’ backyard.


Back in Pasadena, some people were fishing off the shore of Pasadena beach!

On the beach in Pasadena with David’s family dog, Kippy.

We went blueberry picking. It was awesome! Yummy, we enjoyed them with our breakfast the next morning too.

David's parents have an apple orchard in their back yard, and the apples were ready for picking!

David’s parents have an apple orchard in their back yard, and the apples were ready for picking!

We were so happy to share our homeland with two of our most favourite people! Love you guys! I need to start developing some pictures – there are so many good ones!

About a month after our return, we were off again. This time to Halifax, and then a drive to Charlottetown, PEI for Thanksgiving! Every year my family gets together for Thanksgiving. The first year we all went to St. Andrews, New Brunswick, the second year was Halifax, Nova Scotia, third year was Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and this year it was Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

I got to see my parents and all my siblings and their cute little kiddos!

We enjoyed great food and weather and two birthdays (my older sister Rachel’s is on October 10 and I am on October 11).

We went to a PEI winery and bought a few bottles of wine. My Mom, brother, sister-in-law, David, and I spent a couple nights playing board games and enjoying said wine. Wonderful. I took my camera with me but didn’t take any pictures. Here are a few my Dad took:

07.Amanda & Ruben

24.Oma, Ruben & Jacob

19.Jacob, Benjamin & Ciqala

When we got back from our Thanksgiving vacation, I feel like I was finally able to settle back into work and my regular routine. We enjoyed catching up with our friends from This Dusty House and took some Autumn pictures together!




David&Amanda5Thanks Jeanette for these great photographs!

We’ve had a very busy couple of months, with David having focused primarily on research grants and scholarships for our upcoming trip in 2015. David has to complete research for his dissertation, which requires a trip to Paris, France and The Hague in the Netherlands. We’re planning to be gone for a total of four months – May to September 2015.

We’re leaving our apartment and storing our things as well, so there’s a lot to plan! We need to find apartments in Europe, find an apartment upon our return, store our things (including our car), book our flights, and get the necessary paperwork (i.e. Student/Research Visas).

It’s a little overwhelming to think about, but it’s exciting all the same! We’re saving some money for the trip, but hopefully David will win a scholarship so we won’t need to go into any debt. Fingers crossed!

We went to watch the movie Interstellar a few nights ago. It was fantastic. I may write a review for the blog, we’ll see ;).

That’s all for now!

Phew, it has been busy!




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