Newfoundland Adventures Part I – The West Coast

What a vacation it’s been so far!

David and I had a pretty good flight home from Toronto. We were lucky and found a direct flight that ended up being cheaper than a connecting flight! That meant that our flight was just over 2 hours – not bad!

You can always tell when you’re flying to Newfoundland when you start hearing and talking to the people aboard. Lots of friendly faces.

The flight attendant was also a laugh, she told everyone a bunch of jokes, mostly pertaining to the pilot, her husband, and the co-pilot her ex-husband (it was really funny!).

And the man we sat next to chatted us up like we were old friends. When we got to the airport to pick up our bags, he found us and shook our hands (he gave me a hug) and wished us a great vacation. What a wonderful start to our trip!

Our first week home has consisted mostly of relaxation and family visits. We’re staying with David’s parents and alternate spending time with them in Pasadena and in Corner Brook with my family.

First, we visited the insectarium in Deer Lake with my family. They have a butterfly pavilion which you can walk through and they fly all around. Generally I hate butterflies because they’re annoyingly unpredictable. But they’re so pretty. We also got to hold some insects!


Me and my nephew, Ruben, with a stick bug!


Ruben with his Mommy, Abby, and the stick bug.


An insect that uses camouflage to hide from predators. Very cool!


A large (and somewhat different) stick insect.


I just thought the colour of these flowers was nice…

We’ve also spent time with David’s uncle and his family while they also visit all the way from Seattle. We went to Springdale, where David grew up, and explored “Glassy Beach” – getting its name because the shore is made up of all kinds of worn-down glass. It’s very colourful!


David on Glassy Beach looking for a good rock to skip.


David skipping rocks. His best was 7 skips.


I went out on some rocks to get a better look. It was quite windy!


I also, for the first time ever, got to experience what it’s like on a motorcycle (when it’s actually moving!). What a thrill! The helmet was so heavy, but it fit snugly. The jacket, however, did not fit at all. It felt like it weighed half my body weight! But I can understand why motorcycle jackets are so thick and heavy – we went on the highway and the wind was whipping at my face but I didn’t feel a thing through the jacket.


Don’t I look badass?


Ready, set…

We’re leaving for the east coast on Wednesday, stopping in at Grand Falls-Windsor to see David’s grandparents. See you in St. John’s!


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