Rain, ukulele tunes & the mystery of the empty envelope

We’ve had a lot of rain this week. A LOT. I thought we were going to experience some minor flooding in our little apartment (we live in a walk-out basement). Seriously, check out that rain.


That’s a lot of water coming out of that drainage pipe…

And here’s a video, too. You can hear the thunder. It got much louder than this, but you get the idea. I had to close the door because the rain was getting blown in at me.

I love rain. I almost wish we’d been camping because the sound of rain on the roof of your tent is so relaxing! But, if I can’t lounge around in a (waterproof) tent during a nice downpour, I can always leave the door open and listen as I sit at the table and stare out the window. Sounds boring, but I tell you my friend, it was delightful.

This week I’ve also been practicing my ukulele and today I decided I was ready to play it for my family storytime at the library! The song in the video below is called “The More We Get Together.” The video only includes the first stanza, but I also include “the more we sing together” and “the more we read together.” It only involves two chords – G & C – but considering I’ve only been playing for 2 weeks or so, I’d say that’s not bad!

Annnddd, clearly I didn’t get hired for my natural singing ability…

Other than the song in the video, I also played “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Skip to my Lou.” I did a book called Noodle and Lou and segued into the song by telling the kids that: “FUN FACT! Lou is a name, probably short for Louis, but it also comes from the Scottish word Loo, which means love! So now we’re going to sing a song using the word lou as love.” Hehe, I love those “fun fact” moments.

It was a great morning with lots of support from my colleagues. When my shift was over, my boss and a few more of my colleagues came in for their shifts. They knew I was playing this morning and had missed it, so we all got together in the staff room and I played my ukulele while we all sang together. Isn’t that nice?!

Today was also my last day of work before our trip home to Newfoundland. One of the reasons we’re trekking home is because my best friend is getting married! I’m so thrilled to be able to attend, and be a part of, her wedding! She sent me an invitation in the mail a few weeks ago, only for David and I to find… an empty envelope!

Enter The Mystery of the Empty Envelope

It had been perfectly cut with the contents removed.

I was a little freaked out. I wondered if any of our mail had been stolen previously (we had been invited to a wedding earlier in the summer, and though the invite was sent twice, we never received either in the mail!). I also wondered why someone wouldn’t take the entire letter. Why leave an empty envelope in someone’s mailbox? If you’re going to steal my mail, at least do it right… what an amateur.

I spoke to someone at the post office and they said there wasn’t much they could do if the letter wasn’t insured. All in all, she didn’t really have much to say… my Facebook friends were much more helpful.

Perhaps someone mistakenly took my mail? And yet, why not put it back in the opened envelope with a sticky note apologizing? I’d accept that. Why steal the contents at all? After opening it and finding nothing valuable, you’d think they’d just toss it.

I’ll let you know if any crazy people show up unexpectedly to the wedding…

While the mystery may never be solved, at least it ends happily.

Because I had the envelope, I talked to my friend and let her know what happened. She quickly sent out another invitation. This time, it arrived unopened. And this is what I found:


Can’t wait to see my best friend and be back to one of my favourite places on earth!

The next time you hear from me I’ll be back in Newfoundland, the rustic jewel of Canada :).



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