Weekend in Montreal

David and I came back from Montreal on Monday. It was super awesome! I officially love Montreal (specifically their metro system).

The trip’s beginning was not a lot of fun, though. We left home at 2:30 pm, hoping that we’d miss rush hour and the ensuing traffic. While we did miss rush hour, we ended up being caught up in a rather nasty traffic jam for an hour on the 401 because of construction. Sometimes I hate big cities.

We stopped in Kingston for some supper (Swiss Chalet, our favourite travel restaurant!) and actually got a deal on our meal. The waitress accidentally gave our bill to a different table, who paid it without question (who does that? I always look at the bill first) and so she gave us their bill which was $7.00 cheaper… SCORE!

We didn’t arrive in Montreal until about 10:00 pm because of the traffic earlier in Ontario (we got stuck in traffic twice for a least an hour each time).

This was my first time driving in Montreal because when we moved to Ontario, David did all the driving. We decided on this trip that David would do the navigating and I would drive. Because if I’m honest, I suck at all things maps and directions. Apple Maps might tell you to drive across an airport runway, but I’d take a map with a “You are here” dot and walk around with it, not realizing my position had changed (true story).

Here’s a scene from The Office where Michael drives a car into a lake. That could easily have been me.

After an rather uneventful drive, we finally saw our friends, Jon and Megan! The fun wagon was rolling once more.


On Saturday we bought a weekend metro pass, out of which we definitely got our money’s worth. We went to the Montreal Biodome, Botanical Garden and Insectarium! While I really enjoyed both the Biodome and Insectarium (and was actually most excited to see the Insectarium initially), I’ve seen the sights found in both those places many times.



IMG_4642After having visited all three places, I feel that the real excitement was found in the botanical garden. It was absolutely beautiful, so many vibrant flowers, trees, fruits and leaves. I loved it. I loved it so much, most of my pictures are from this part of the trip. Get ready for a lot of pictures!






Doesn’t this kind of remind you of a lobster?


I LOVE the purple in these leaves. Purple is my favourite colour, by far. So regal.




My favourite picture from the garden.

This looks like it should be the tail of some sort of fire-breathing lizard.



A bonsai tree! There was one tree that was 60 years old!


We also came across this cactus, to which Jon promptly stated “Look, he’s wearing a yamaka!”


Later we visited Poutine Centrale for lunch. One of the things I really wanted to do while in Montreal was enjoy a poutine. And let me tell you , it was the best poutine I’ve ever eaten. David and I shared a poutine with sauteed onions, mushrooms and bacon in addition to the delicious cheese curds and gravy over perfectly crisp fries. Delicious.


We were pretty exhausted at the end of the day though. I had to have a couple of coffee rounds to keep me going. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, and I also probably should’ve worn a hat. In the evening we played Lords of Waterdeep before bed (awesome game!).

If you’ve never watched Wil Wheaton on TableTop, see the video below. This video is especially good because Felicia Day is also in it (she’s awesome). Tabletop is hilarious and board game-loving nerds coming together to play games and show the audience the mechanics of each game. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

The next day we were all still pretty tired, so we decided to take it easy. We went shopping for part of the day and I bought a 1000-piece puzzle at a board game store. I also bought a dress at Jacob. I love their clothing and am sad to hear that they’re going out of business. But I did snag a deal on this blue beauty!


It’s a bit wrinkled, but LOVE the blue.

We had gone grocery shopping the day before and I bought the ingredients for spaghetti, so I made that for supper. We spent the rest of the evening playing board games, as we always love to do when the four of us are together. We played Pandemic, Tikal, and Once Upon a Time. All great games!

David’s favourite was Lords of Waterdeep from the night before, but I really enjoyed Pandemic. I’m not normally fond of co-op games (I like competing against other people… so I can win!), but this one was really fun. It’s hard to decide what game was my favourite because they were all so much fun to play. Tikal was also a lot of fun (a great strategy game!) and Once Upon a Time is a fantastic ice-breaker game.

That was basically our weekend! We parted ways the next day, on Monday. I think we should make it an annual tradition, right guys?!



They're expecting their first baby in December! Yay!

They’re expecting their first baby in December! Yay!






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