July Update

This past week has been extremely busy. What, with the FIFA World Cup (with games I absolutely had to watch), a wedding, a church BBQ, and work, it’s been hard to keep up!

First of all, who else is sad that the Netherlands didn’t make it to the final? Absolutely heartbroken. At least they made a great comeback from the Euro Cup…

Congratulations to Germany on their win, though. They played a great tournament!

David and I also went to a wedding on July 5th and it was AMAZING. You may know the couple from this video.

He proposed to her at a Maroon 5 concert and Adam Levine, after being informed by a band member, had everyone sing “She Will Be Loved” to them.

Without a doubt, the best wedding I have ever attended. The couple is so laid-back, energetic and fun and I think their wedding and reception reflected that. The bride and groom even took a selfie at the altar!

Not to mention, they had an absolutely beautiful venue for the reception! The reception was held at Cambium Farms. If you live in the GTA, check them out! It was breathtaking.

We arrived at the reception and they had valet parking. I’ve never experienced this before, so I was a little nervous, especially because we drive a manual transmission. But, all went smoothly.

While the wedding party took pictures, we were offered drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It was a nice time of relaxation and mingling before the reception. I was also very pleasantly surprised that the couple, in thinking about the many women wearing high heels to the wedding, had boxes of flip flops in several different sizes! What a neat idea! Before long I was walking around in my size 5 flip flops (the last size 5 left, phew!) with my heels shoved a little clumsily into my purse.

Onto the reception – it was held in a 100 year old barn (seriously!) and it was stunning. The food was awesome (5-course meal, anyone?), open bar, candy bar (why hello there, gummy bears), and a picture booth.


David and Me with the bride and groom in the top left corner :).

David and I tried to do a romantic shot in the bottom left. Clearly it was not meant to be. My sign said “I came for the open bar!” in the top two pictures.

The pictures don’t make us look this shiny in print, but when I scanned them I looked pasty and gross. Oh well. You get the picture (ha ha ha…).

Overall it was a great wedding celebrating two people who are clearly in love!

And now an update on where I am with my knitting…

A long while ago one of my favourite local yarn shops closed :(. But not before I managed to snag an amazing deal on some amazing yarn!


Aren’t they beauteous?


I had a shawl almost completed and decided I didn’t like the colour, so I frogged it and started over with a new yarn. I’m using the deep red from the pictures above (which are closer to the actual colour than what you see below). I’m almost finished my second go-around of the pattern!


Obviously it’s not finished yet, nor is it blocked, so it will look a little (maybe a lot) more even once I’m through with it :).

That’s about it, for now. Keep an eye out for an exciting post next week! David and I are headed to Montreal this weekend to visit some friends, it’s going to be GREAT!




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