Things Loved in June

June brings warm weather and, this year, the FIFA World Cup! See below for my things loved in June!

 1. The Grand Seduction

David and I went to see a new film – The Grand Seduction –  in the theatre. It stars some great actors, including Newfie veterans Gordon Pinsent, Cathy Jones, Mary Walsh and Mark Critch. The movie takes place in the small harbour of Tickle Head, which is in desperate need of a doctor: they need a local doctor to secure a contract with a factory. Murray French (played  by Brendan Gleeson) leads the way when he finds Dr. Paul Lewis (played by Taylor Kitsch), a city doctor very much unaccustomed to life in a small community like Tickle Head. Soon enough the whole town comes together in an attempt to seduce the doctor to stay permanently.

This is a great movie!  There are lots of great laughs and the cinematography is beautiful. I definitely recommend!

2. “Some Nights” – Fun

Recently I heard this song on the radio and I can’t stop listening to it. I looked it up online and realized it was actually released in 2012. I don’t know where I’ve been living for the past 2 years, but I’m glad this song came into my life!

(You have to skip the beginning part to get to the start of the song. Official videos are annoying.)

3. Swimming

I’m still enjoying the pool! For the first time ever, I passed someone as I did one of my “sprints.” It felt good. Even though the person I passed was probably eighty years old… But I’ll take what I can  get.

4.  FIFA World Cup

And, of course, June wouldn’t be half as awesome if it weren’t for the FIFA World Cup! I’m cheering for the Netherlands (I have Dutch roots!) and they’ve been doing well so far. For their game against Chile, the husband and I went downtown to a bar which happens to be serving Dutch food while the games are running. There’s nothing like enjoying a beer at 11:30am with some kroket!




On the left – Frikandel Speciaal; On the right – Poffertjes!


What did you enjoy this month? Are you watching the FIFA World Cup – and what team are you rooting for?


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