Busyness All Up in Here!

It’s been a busy week! I’ve finished my first week of fitness, David’s parents visited, and we just had a provincial election!

First of all, I’ve been working on my fitness schedule, which includes visiting the pool 3 times a week and following fitness videos by Jessica Smith.

However, I must admit I’ve had a few moments of discouragement.

There’s a local swimming pool behind our house and the times during which I can visit they have the pool divided into three lanes: slow, medium, and fast. Obviously, I’m in the slow lane. But they really should have a fourth lane – the really slow lane.

I’m not a particularly skilled swimmer, but I can do the backstroke and front crawl (not well). I especially enjoy backstroke because I don’t have to concentrate on breathing as I do with the front crawl. Who knew breathing could be so difficult!

So here I am starting my first warm-up lap and, after making it half-way across the length of the pool, an older man takes off to start his lap.

Well let’s just say, I’m going a little (okay, a lot) slower than him.


Yeah, that’s not me. Obviously. It’s Janet Evans. Picture taken by Donald Miralle for The New York Times.

Not to mention, I breathed in some water as he bumped into me and starting spluttering all over the place like an idiot. I finally make it one length of the pool and have to catch my breath before heading back (and getting passed a second time). I was feeling pretty embarrassed! One day I’ll be awesome… But it is not this day. Definitely not this day.

This week we also visited David’s parents and sister! It was a great time. I laughed really hard (there may have been a joke or two about gas) and I ate a lot of food. The perfect combination for a good night out! As always, we went to Swiss Chalet, a family tradition, really.


David’s sister, Laura, just moved to Ontario from British Columbia for a job. She drove across Canada and parts of the USA before getting here! We got to see her new apartment and explore the surrounding area, and it looks like she’ll be very happy!

Finally, as many of you may know, yesterday was Election Day in Ontario. David worked a polling station as a DRO (Deputy Returning Officer) and we got up bright and early for him to get to his station on time.

He was at his polling station from 8:00am to 10:30pm and then we had to bring the ballots to the returning office… and wait in line for an hour to drop them off with other DROs. What an adventure.

He said he was glad to be a part of it, but probably wouldn’t do it again. He especially enjoyed seeing new Canadians coming to vote. He said there were so many that came out, many of whom were extremely excited to be involved and displayed their certificate of citizenship with a lot of enthusiasm. Canada isn’t perfect but it’s a great country nonetheless!

After all that, I think it’s time I put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine!



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