Health and Fitness

Last week I decided to get a fitness membership at the gym.

I’ve wanted to get one for more than a year, and decided to just cut the crap and do it. At least if I’m spending money on a membership, I’ll be more motivated to use it and therefore more likely to get fit!

Because I work at a library, which is funded by the government, I’m technically an employee of the city’s government. Therefore, I got a pretty amazing discount for my membership!

One of the first things you have to do, once registering, is get a health and fitness assessment, which I did this morning. They evaluated my cardiovascular health, blood pressure, resting heart rate, grip strength, trunk forward flexibility, and upper-body strength (push-ups).

Apparently I have low blood pressure – 97/69 – which is good, but also fairly low. My resting heart rate was 85 bpm, which is fairly high (apparently) but still within normal range. I came in at 46.5kg (about 102 lbs) which really surprised me! It seems to me that I fluctuate about 8-10 lbs depending on the day…or week. Not sure if that’s normal, but oh well.

I did a step test which measured my aerobic fitness… let’s just say there was an unhappy smiley-face next to my aerobic fitness level :(. My cardiovascular health is pretty awful. You know you’re in bad shape when you walk up three flights of stairs and you’re winded. And sound like a wounded animal.

I also did… drumroll please! … 12 push-ups. I know, I know. Awful. My trainer was really nice, though. She said “good job!” with lots of enthusiasm and was generally very encouraging and understanding. Yay for good trainers!

Right now, I’m super motivated to get fit and feel better. It’s no fun feeling so out of shape and having little energy. Time to stop complaining and start kicking butt!

Right now I’m registered for a few fitness classes including Zumba, Pilates and Aquafit Deep. I’ll go to Pilates every other week, the weeks I don’t go to Pilates I’ll go to Aquafit and I’ll attempt to go to one Zumba class a week (though I’m focusing on the Pilates and Aquafit). There’s also an indoor pool within 5 minutes walk from where I live, and I absolutely love swimming, so I’m sure I’ll be visiting the pool pretty regularly. There’s also a therapeutic pool within a few minutes drive, in which my Aquafit class takes place. I think it will be really good for my back!

Overall, I’m super pumped and ready to get started! Wish me luck and great success!

My 6-Week Fitness Goals

  • Be able to complete 25 push-ups
  • Hold the plank position for 60 seconds
  • Get a smiley-face on my next aerobic fitness test 🙂

Weekly Goals

  • Attend weekly fitness classes including Pilates, Zumba and Aquafit
  • In addition to fitness classes, visit the pool twice a week
  • Practice the plank, slowly increasing holding time to 60 seconds
  • Perform push-ups, slowly increasing number



One thought on “Health and Fitness

  1. Bethany says:

    I love this! I’m trying to get back in shape for the wedding after being in my cast for 3 months, so it is nice to know I have a buddy! Haha


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