Five Years and Counting

What a whirlwind. Yesterday was a fantastic anniversary day!

I woke up early to curl my hair and get ready. I very rarely wear make-up and style my hair, as it takes about an hour from start to finish and most mornings I’m far too lazy to put in the effort. I’m always really happy when I do put in that extra effort, though!

We spent the first part of the morning at church, sticking around for a few minutes afterwards to chat. A couple of friends just returned after a week in the UK and it was really nice to see them again :).

After lunch David dropped me off at the library and told me he’d see me again soon, winked, and off to work I went. It was a pretty busy day at the library – I always feel like long weekends will be quiet with people being away, but they always end up being busy. Time went by quickly, though.

Before I knew it, there was David approaching the desk with flowers (five roses for the five years we’ve been married!) and a maple macchiato from Starbucks. We sat down in the staff room for my break, one of my colleagues snapped a few pictures, and David told me all about his adventures.


He had intended to get flowers close to where I work, and after walking all along the street, all the flower shops were closed! He was pretty dismayed. He also told me he ran into a group of people dressed up as Darth Vader, a random princess (he said it definitely wasn’t Princess Leia), Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy.

After being unsuccessful in finding a flower shop that was open on Sundays, he decided to use the library’s Wi-Fi discreetly to find the nearest flower shop that was open… and it was 40 minutes away! He drove all that way to get me some flowers and then stopped in at a Starbucks on the way back (I LOVE Starbucks coffee). David was hoping that when he returned with the flowers he could stage a battle with Darth Vader for a picture, pretending to fight him (and win, obviously) but when he came back Darth Vader was gone. It’s still a cute story!

After work, he took me to a really lovely restaurant in Unionville, Ontario called The Old Country Inn Viennese Restaurant. The owner found us a seat in our own little alcove with stained glass surrounding us, it was quite lovely.


The various coats of arms of the Austrian states.

We sat down to some white wine, first. We had an Austrian wine – Krems Riesling, it was a fantastic wine! David ordered their “Jäger Schnitzel” and I had their “Wiener Rostbraten.” Super delicious! We shared apple strudel for dessert :).


All around, it was a really lovely day with lots of surprises, laughter and love. It was also a really nice day so we enjoyed a walk through scenic Unionville.

We’re looking forward to many more years together!



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