A Good Samaritan on Easter Sunday

Last week I wrote about our “exciting” car issues. Well, last week was the last straw! We’ve spent more money on it this year than I care to admit. After several repairs, a seriously leaky roof, (more) clutch problems, braking problems, a transmission problem, a broken A/C, and starting problems – we’ve FINALLY decided to cut it loose.

We thought long and hard about this decision. We had considered ridding ourselves of this beastly mess last year, but decided against it. My only regret now is that we hadn’t considered getting rid of it earlier this year – before all the costly repairs. So, with the decision made, we decided on leasing a car. It made the most sense for us given our current situation and we managed a great deal at a Hyundai dealership.

Unfortunately they only had automatic cars on the lot, and we wanted manual transmission. Not only are they cheaper but, come on, they are seriously more fun to drive! Not to mention, they offer the driver more control. We really wanted the manual transmission, so we agreed to wait the week for it to arrive. And what a week it’s been so far…

This morning, Easter Sunday, we had to get up early to go to church for a choir practice. But the car wouldn’t start.

Thankfully we have some wonderful friends at our church who offered us a ride to and from church – and so the day moved on.

The church service was great. It was a wonderful Easter Sunday, and I was glad that we were able to sing one of my favourite hymns – Low in the Grave He Lay.

Once home, our landlord helped us jump start our car, so we went for a long drive, thinking the battery just needed to be charged. It was working fine for the first 45 minutes.

Then, after deciding to go to a drive-thru because we didn’t want to turn off the car just yet … it putters out. Right before the window. With six cars behind us. Needless to say, I freaked out.

David ran inside to find someone to help while I jumped out of the car and apologized to everyone behind us. It was a semi-circle of people staring and saying “no problem”, “don’t worry about it”, “it happens” with someone else saying “oh, poor dear” before David came back with two guys to help us push our car into a parking spot and out of the way.

You won’t believe it, but we parked next to a mechanic! He helped us jump-start our car again and charged our battery for several minutes before letting us go. So off we went again. We left the parking lot and stopped at the lights to turn left.

The light turns green…

and the car putters out again. In the MIDDLE of the intersection. Here I am sobbing, trying desperately to get the car to start and then the mechanic drives up beside us and tells us to calm down and he’ll help.

So he and his son help David push the car backwards out of traffic with me at the wheel, and we park it at the side of the road.

The mechanic, Larry, jump-starts the car again. He’s tinkering around, all the while offering words of comfort (mostly to me, David seemed non-phased). He gets us to turn off and on the car a few times and then starts cleaning the battery for us.

“It’s the battery terminals, they’re overly corroded. The charge isn’t traveling anywhere” he says matter-of-factly before removing the corrosion and jump-starting our car again.

It worked. I gave him a very enthusiastic thanks and asked for his name, number, and place of work and he obliged. But not without saying:

If, on your way home, you run into any car problems, call me on my cell phone and I’ll come and help you.

That, my friends, is how you get an already shaken woman to cry even harder. I gave him a big hug and we were off again. This time we made it home safe and sound.

Thank the Lord that we parked next to a very kind mechanic named Larry, whose workplace I will undoubtedly be visiting this week with a card and something else (what do you buy a middle-aged man you don’t know as a thank-you?).

Only a few more days and we’re home free. So, here’s to an Easter Sunday not without its adventures, a Good Samaritan, a beautiful day and a life with (a little) less stress!

Happy Easter everyone!



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