A Busy Week: an injured back, the OLA SuperConference, and a baby blanket

I hurt my back more than a week ago and am still recovering, the reasons behind the injury being pretty stupid. I had made lasagna for supper and was cleaning the heavy pan. Holding it up with my left hand, I looked around for the kitchen towel and seeing it directly behind me twisted around to snatch it. Ouch.

The next couple of days were not pleasant because I was unable to move and the husband had to do pretty much everything. Even now, more than a week later, he’s outside shoveling and I’m inside making hot chocolate (and obviously writing this entry) for when he’s finished.

I’ve had lots to do, though, while lying around in bed. I’ve been working on a baby blanket for friends. I found a stitch pattern online and have made up the pattern for the blanket as I go along.


Not sure yet what the edging will be, but I’ll be writing up the pattern and posting it on Ravelry when it’s finished!


Despite this back injury, it’s been a really busy week. I went to the Ontario Library Association’s SuperConference this year, which I attended on Thursday. Taking the subway downtown to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was, as always, no fun. But, the conference sure was!


I was thrilled to be able to attend a session with Julia Donaldson, a British writer, playwright and performer. She was also the 2011-2013 Children’s Laureate and I LOVE her stories. She and her husband, Malcolm, make a great duo.


Julia and her husband Malcom.
This picture was not taken by me. Click on the image for original source.

I’ve used a few of them during my story times at the library, and read a couple as a child as well. She’s a brilliant, wildly energetic and inspiring woman. The session was so much fun! She and her husband (who played guitar) sang songs, dressed up, and demonstrated some of their storytelling techniques for us. I found myself singing “Superworm” and “Squash and a Squeeze” songs over the next couple of days, so even my husband starting humming along.

I also attended the “Poster Sessions” and Expo where there were all kinds of businesses set up with their wares. So much free stuff. I met up with some colleagues from work and we filled our bags with stuff from the vendors, including books, bags, pens, keychains, USBs, and of course, flyers and advertisements that we thought were useful. I saw a pretty kickass scanner which I think would benefit all libraries – academic, special, medical or public.


The Zeutschel: Zeta, created by International Medias Data Services

But I also spent some time with a 3D printer, which, other than the Julia Donaldson session, was one of the best parts of my day (nerd alert!). I wanted to print the perfect item, something that spoke volumes about my personality, that I could hold onto for years after the conference and something that my husband would also think was pretty cool. The U.S.S. Enterprise (I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but I love Star Trek. Love.) immediately came to mind, but it would take hours to make. These printers are pretty amazing, but objects do take a long time to make!


Some of these items took more than 6 hours to make!


In the end I settled on a Star Trek badge. I plan on spray-painting it and gluing a magnet to the back. Perhaps one year for Halloween David and I will dress up as Star Trek characters. Who knows.

IMG_4425 IMG_4428

It’s been a busy, stressful yet fun and somewhat painful week, but here’s to some great weeks ahead with *hopefully* good news, a pain-free back, melted snow AND a soon-to-be completed baby blanket!


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