David’s First Vest

I finished it! I’ve been working on something for the hubby for years. I tried making him this sweater but I couldn’t finish it, so I frogged it and tried something new. Then I found this sweater vest pattern and knew it was perfect (he’s a sweater vest kind of guy AND it would mean no sleeves to knit!).

IMG_4386I did modify the pattern quite a bit, though. Plain stockinette is a bit boring so I picked a few cable patterns out and he picked the one he liked best. I also changed the ribbing to k1tbl and p1tbl; I like the twisted stitches better. I knit it in the round until the armpits and then knit separately afterwards. I also grafted the shoulder seams instead of binding off and sewing together. I hate seaming, I really do. Anything I can do to avoid it, I’ll do it!


I haven’t blocked it, but I don’t think it’s needed. The hubby looks great, doesn’t he? And the best part is – he loves it! He is teaching his first classes of the term today and he is wearing it to class :).



There are some mistakes (some more obvious than others…) but I’m not the kind of knitter than unravels to the error and re-knits. Especially if it doesn’t really affect the sweater in a huge way (i.e. I WOULD unravel if I forgot decreases or increases that are integral to the fit).

I wonder what I should knit next? Hmmm… I know! But it won’t be knitted… ;). On to my first big crochet project!


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